Joke 01A Latest funny videos jokes most popular funny quotes new yo mama jokes best humor fine knock knock jokes great racist jokes and clean pirate jokes.

clean pirate jokes

clean pirate jokes

clean pirate jokes

clean pirate jokes

Clean Pirate Jokes

Latest funny videos jokes most popular funny quotes new yo mama jokes best humor fine knock knock jokes great racist jokes and clean pirate jokes.

clean pirate jokes

clean pirate jokes

clean pirate jokes

If April showers bring might flowers, what do might flowers bring?

How will Moses build his tea?
Hebrews it!

What was King Arthur's favorite game?
Knights and crosses!

What was Camelot?
A place wherever individuals set their camels!

What do history academics build once they wish to urge together?

Tim Tebowisms

When the boogeyman goes to sleep nightly, he checks the closet for Tim Tebow.

The active ingredient in Red Bull is Tim Tebow's sweat.

A spike in Tim Tebow stiff arms caused the faery to travel bust in 1997.

You don't hit Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow hits you!

The NFL renamed the two minute warning, "Tebow Time"

Tim Tebow's range is fifteen as a result of that is what number players it takes to tackle him.

The fastest thanks to a man's heart is with Tim Tebow's forearm.

They once asked Ray Lewis if he'd prefer to run full speed at Tim Tebow, and he aforesaid "No".

SuperMan wears Tim Tebow Pajamas. therefore will Lou Holtz.

Tim Tebow does not have Associate in Nursing offseason. The NFL has Associate in Nursing offseason from Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow gets entailed roughing the footballer.

When Tebow spikes the ball, he strikes oil.

"Santa Claus accustomed marvel if Tim Tebow was real."

Tim Tebow was once told his weewee tested positive for steriods. Tim Tebow responded with fun and aforesaid "Where does one suppose steroids return from?"

When Tim Tebow touches water it turns into Gatorade.

The NFL isn't difficult enough, thats why Tim Tebow waits till the top of the fourth quarter to begin taking part in.

You can lead a horse to water, however Tim Tebow will build him drink.

Tim Tebow does not wear a watch, HE decides what time it's.

Sheep count Tim Tebow touchdowns once they sleep.

Last night my girlfriend had a dream that she slept with Tim Tebow, she aroused from sleep pregnant.

Tim Tebow will win yank Idol with signing.

"Tim Tebow's Rice Krispies do not snap, crackle, pop; they recite John 3:16."

Tim Tebow will get breakfast at McDonald's when 10:30 A.M.

Tim Tebow ordered an enormous mackintosh at Burger King, and got one.

Siri does not work on Tim Tebow's iPhone 4S, as a result of no one talks back to Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow will get Chick-Fil-A on Sundays.

Tim Tebow won the globe Series of Poker victimisation Pokemon cards

Tim Tebow will win a race rap battle with bible scriptures.

Scientists agree, the large Bang was really a Tim Tebow stiff arm.

If Tim Tebow was gay, his name would be Chuck author.

Tim Tebow joined the NHL. however shortly when quit when he observed the NHL solely has three periods during a game.

People with blackout still bear in mind Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow's family once threw him a surprise party. Once.

Tim Tebow hits blackjack with only 1 card.

Chuck author was seen tebowing at his native Christian church

The only reason you are still aware is as a result of Tim Tebow hasn't stiff-armed you within the face.

When Tim Tebow was a child, he created his mum end his vegetables.

OT not suggests that "Over Time". It's currently called "Only Tebow". Cause he is what you wish after you get there.

Superman's solely weakness is kryptonite. Tim Tebow laughs at Superman for even HAVING a weakness.

Tim Tebow does not do pushups. Instead, he pushes the world down.

Time waits for no man. Unless that man is Tim Tebow.

When Tim Tebow was a child he created his mum end HER vegetables.

Tim Tebow cannot drive a typical. He continuously rides the clutch.

Cars look each ways in which simply just in case Tim Tebow is crossing the road.

There are not any endagered species. there's simply a listing of animals that Tim Tebow does not like.

Referees created instant replay in order that they might admire Tim Tebow over once.

Tim Tebow does not browse defenses. He stares them down till they type a path to the top zone.

Tim Tebow counted to eternity. Twice.

In the starting there was nothing. Then Tim Tebow stiff-armed that nothing within the head and aforesaid "Get a job". that's the story of the universe.

When life offers Tim Tebow lemons, he uses them to kill terrorists. Tim Tebow hates fruit drink.

When Google cannot notice one thing, it asks Tim Tebow for facilitate.

In a recent survey it had been discovered the ninety four of yank girls lost their status to Tim Tebow. the opposite 6 June 1944 were implausibly fat or ugly.

Tim Tebow loves girls. All of them. At identical time.

When he was in baseball league, Tim Tebow once bunted a five hundred foot home run

What color is Tim Tebow's blood? Trick question. Tim Tebow doesn't bleed.

Tim Tebow has been to Mars. that is why there isn't any life on Mars.

Tim Tebow once stiff-armed a horse. That animal became what's currently called the camelopard.

Rome wasn't in-built every day, however if Tebow were alive then, it'd have solely taken the fourth quarter.

Tim Tebow is therefore quick, he will cavort the globe and punch himself within the back of the pinnacle.

Tim Tebow did not lose his helmet, it ran away.

Tim Tebow is that the reason Waldo is activity.

Tim Tebow offers Redbull wings.

When Tim Tebow desires popcorn, he breathes on NE.

When taking the Saturday, write "Tim Tebow" for each answer. you'll score quite 1600.

Tim Tebow will dribble a soccer.

In a game against the Chargers Tim did not spin. Tebow stood still and also the world rotated around him.

Tim Tebow was once sleeping on his abdomen once he got morning wood and stricken oil.

All Mariah Carey desires for Christmas is Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow smokes once sex. Not cigarettes, his member virtually smokes.

When Tim Tebow offers you the peace sign, it's not a offering, it is the variety of seconds you have got to run.

If properly broached, a Tim Tebow rush might power the country of Australia for forty four minutes.

Tim Tebow does not give if he drinks an excessive amount of. Tim Tebow throws down!

Tim Tebow was once asked to repeat himself. The last item that person ever detected was the whooshing sound of a stiff-arm.

Tim Tebow will kick starter a automotive.

Tim Tebow once Ate a full cake before his friends might tell him there was a stripper in it.

Tim Tebow doesn't believe evolution that's why he has refused to be told to pass.

Tim Tebow will observe fight club

When tender is in bother, he activates the Tim Tebow signal.

Fear of spiders is termed aracnaphobia, concern of Tim Tebow is termed Logic

The stone traveled to Denver to kiss Tim Tebow

Chuck Norris does not wear a watch, as a result of it is often Tebow Time

When you open a will of whoop-ass, Tim Tebow jumps out.

Tebow does not wish to mentioned aboard Archie gryphon, therefore he ordered the Heisman voters to not provide him a second trophy.

Tim Tebow complete the NBA opposition and is stratified No. one within the BCS

Jesus Turned Water Into Wine, Tim Tebow Turned Whine Into Winning!

Tim Tebow does not get drunk. He gets awing.

When Tebow runs the choice, his solely selection is conclusion.

Tim Tebow got Micheal J Fox to prevent shaking.

Tim Tebow will bit MHz Hammer

In Pamplona, Spain, the folks is also running from the bulls, however the bulls square measure running from Tim Tebow.

Geico saved cash on its automobile insurance by switch to Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow ripped off Supermans cape in order that adult female might beat out a puddle.

Ghosts sit round the fire and tell Tim Tebow stories.

The T in mister. T stands for Tebow.

There accustomed be a street in Gainesville named once Tim Tebow, however it had been modified as a result of no one crosses Tim Tebow and lives

Tim Tebow will deliver a sermon whereas throwing ninety yard bombs rolling right

Some magicans will walk on water, Tim Tebow will swim through land

They say an image is value one,000 words. an image of Tim Tebow is value ten billion words.

When Tim Tebow makes a proposal, even Don Vito Corleone cannot refuse.

Helen Keller will see and listen to Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow doesnt feel pain, pain feels Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow is what Willis was talking regarding

The Loch Ness Monster swears it saw Tim Tebow

Tebow incorporates a brown bear carpeting in his area. it is not dead, it's simply to afraid to maneuver.

Tim Tebow does not ought to bang chicks once he will create them bang one another.

Tim Tebow does not raise weights, he simply tells them to induce off the ground.

Tebow downgraded S&P, Moody's & musteline mammal

Tim Tebow will choose a book by it's cowl. He also can summarize it and tell you the author's favorite color.

Michael Jordan buys Tim Tebow's shoes.

You can't handle the reality, however Tim Tebow will.

Tim Tebow challenged FC urban center to a game of football game. FC urban center declined in concern.

Tim Tebow doesnt want luck. Luck desires Tim Tebow

Tebow does not cheat death, he beats it honest and sq.

McDonalds brought the Mcrib back at Tim Tebow's request.

Death once had a near-Tebow expertise.

Newton's Third Law is wrong: though it states that for every action, there's Associate in Nursing equal and opposite reaction, there's no force equal in reaction to a Tim Tebow rush.

Tebow is that the reason the housewives became desperate.

The Ghostbusters decision Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow and Chuck Norris once had an interview. Chuck Norris walked away a higher man.

Tim Tebow will blink quicker than a blink of an eye fixed.

The reason the grail has ne'er been recovered is as a result of no one is brave enough to raise Tim Tebow to administer up his favorite mug.

There is no theory of evolution, simply an inventory of creatures Tim Tebow permits to measure.

When Tim Tebow's sister lost her status, he got it back.

If you spell Tim Tebow wrong on Google it does not say, "Did you mean Tim Tebow?" It merely replies, "Run whereas you continue to have the possibility."

Tim Tebow does not run down the sphere, the sphere moves underneath Tim Tebow.

The root of Tim Tebow may be a stiff arm to the face.

The grass is often greener on Tim Tebow's sideline.

Tim Tebow does not wear a prophylactic device as a result of theres no such factor as protection from Tim Tebow.

One time Tim Tebow threw a soccer up into the air as laborious as he probably might, that soccer these days is understood because the Halley's estraterrestrial body.

Tim Tebow once saved David Hasselhoff from drowning.

The Rock cannot even smell what Tebow's cooking!

The dream desires to be Tim Tebow!

John Elways married woman screams "TEBOW" throughout sex

Pope Benedict modified his name to Tim Tebow the second

When TiVo desires to record a show they Tebow it!

The Mayan calendar had Tim Tebow's birth date carved  in stone.

When Tim Tebow falls within the water he doesnt get wet, the water gets Tim Tebow.

By the time it takes you to browse this Tim Tebow has already browse the bible...twice.

David did not beat Goliath, Tim Tebow did!

Tim Tebow will beat the Cracker Barrel peg game while not touching any of the items

Friends do not let friends hate Tim Tebow.

Tebowisms square measure funny as a result of they're true

The Kama-Sutra additional Tebowing to its position list

Tim Tebow's calender goes from March thirty first to Gregorian calendar month ordinal as a result of nobody fools Tim Tebow

Only Tim Tebow is aware of "What Christ would do...."

Lord Voldemort tried and did not kill Harry Potter. He did not even plan to mess with with Tim Tebow.

When Tim Tebow pours milk on his Rice Krispies... They shut one's mouth.

Chuck Norris wears a Tim Tebow jersey

When Tim Tebow gets force over he lets the cop off with a warning.

The Denver Broncos dont fly home on a plane, they fly home on Tim Tebows back

Tim Tebow makes Taco Bell "run for the border"

All superheroes browse Tim Tebow comic books.

911 has Tim Tebow listed as their emergency contact.

Tim Tebow will tweet bible scripture from a rotary phone.

Grace says "Tebow" before dinner

Chuck Norris would be honored to be roundhoused by Tim Tebow

There are not any losers within the NFL. solely people that have vie against Tim Tebow.

John Elway will throw a soccer eighty yards. Tim Tebow will throw John Elway farther.

When Tim Tebow will his taxes he claims the entire world as dependents.

Tim Tebow thought his native Starbucks was too elegant, therefore he threw a soccer therefore laborious at it that it became a Dunkin Donuts.

There are not any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Tim Tebow lives in American state.

Tim Tebow once pee'd within the storage tank of a semi truck as a joke... That semi truck is currently Optimus Prime!

Life does not provide Tim Tebow lemons. Life asks him that fruit he desires.

Tim Tebow Short Jokes

Q: what is the distinction between Tim Tebow and Lebron James?
A: Tim Tebow comes alive within the fourth quarter!

Q: What do get after you cross a python with Tebow?
A: Nothing, did you actually assume there is one thing deadlier than Tim Tebow?

Q: does one understand what AT&T stands for?
A: "Another Tebow Touchdown."

Q: Why will Tim Tebow check with fourth downs as "Jews"?
A: as a result of they're the toughest to convert!

Q: what is the solely reason to look at a Denver Broncos game?
A: as a result of Tim Tebow is enjoying and you're thinking that God would possibly intervene!

Q: Did you recognize that Tim Tebow had a task in Star Wars?
A: He was the force.

Q: What were the soccer fans thinking because the Denver Broncos beat the North Star State Vikings?
A: If Tim Tebow had a deep thought wouldn't it be referred to as a Christian Ponder?

Q: Why did Tim Tebow untimely whirl throughout a Chargers game?
A: Christ ironed circle too early!

Q: Why is funfair rebranding itself?
A: Tim Tebow has created Denver the happiest place on Earth.

Q: however does one understand that Tim Tebow incorporates a direct line to God?
A: as a result of God calls Tebow's variety each Sunday!

Q: What came 1st, the chicken or the egg?
A: Neither...Tim Tebow did!

Q: however did Tim Tebow accidentally facilitate the Broncos beat the Chicago Bears?
A: The wind from Tim Tebow sternutation caused Matt Praters kick to travel an additional ten yards.

Q: what is the formula for the proper athlete?
A: Add three quarters of Lebron with one quarter of Tebow.

Q: What did Barack Obama say once seeing Tebow throw for 316 yards in his 1st competition game?
A: give thanks God i am not running against Tim Tebow in 2012.

Q: What did Christ tell Bill Maher?
A: If you do not believe God, you need to not watch soccer.

Q: What did the Trix Rabbit enlighten Roger Goodell?
A: Silly NFL... it is not Overtime, it's TebowTime!

Q: what is the quickest thanks to finish a competition overtime game?
A: Let Tim Tebow come the kickoff!

Q: What did Kim Kardashian tell John Elway once the Broncos commerce 1st year starter Tim Tebow?
A: "Come On, UN agency dumps a professional contestant that quickly?"